Meaning Of Number 1: In Numerology, Bible, And Spiritual

 April 12, 2020

By  Lisa

There is a lot of similarity in the way the number 1 has been defined in numerology, spirituality, and the Bible.

It is the number of beginnings, creativity, unity, uniqueness, and leadership.

There is a lot of power associated with this number.  

Meaning Of Number 1 In The Bible

meaning of number 1 in bible

Christian scholars have always thought that the number 1 is the symbol of unity and independence.

It is considered independent of all other numbers yet holds all of them within itself as well.

In light of the Bible, the number 1 holds a lot of importance as the symbol of God’s absolute power and authority over all existence.

In addition to its relationship with God, there are many other aspects of Christianity that are influenced by the power of 1.

For instance, there is one Bible, one source of power for everything that exists, and one son of God in the form of Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, the number 1 has been used to define some characteristics of Jesus.

For example, in Colossians 1:15, Jesus has been called the firstborn of all beings to have ever existed.

His rebirth has also been described as a one-time event, one that has never happened before and will never happen again.

In Corinthians 15:20&23, Jesus has been called the “first of the first fruits.”

In Revelation, Jesus has oftentimes called himself the First of Alpha, which is the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

He has also been referred to as the only Shepherd and the Mediator for Christians, both in Timothy 2:5 and John 10:16.

There are also a number of instances when a word has been mentioned only once.

For example, Reverend in Psalms 111:9, Eternity in Isaiah 57:15, Forgetfulness in Psalm 88:12, Lukewarm in Revelation 3:16,  and Grandmother in Timothy 1:5

number 1 religion

The oneness of God has been described a number of times in the Bible, such as Deut 6:4.

The Bible also places great importance on the oneness of human beings, as has been mentioned in John 10:16 and Eph 4:4.

Another characteristic of God explained by number 1 is his independence from all other beings.

Just like God, number 1 is also not dependent on any other number for its formation.

Also, all other numbers can be divided by the number 1, but the number 1 can only be divided by itself.

Hence, all other numbers are unified by the power of 1.

Both of these characteristics of the number 1 symbolize God’s supreme rule and also the dependence of everything that exists upon the existence of God.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Number 1

The number 1 is the number of leadership in most spiritual literature.

Anyone who has great influence of the number 1 in their life shows great leadership qualities.

There is no other number more spiritually independent than the number 1.

Everything that exists is one in itself, and this is the number we use to identify anything.

The numbers start at 1, which makes it the first thing that exists before anything else.

For example, in most religions, God is said to be the first to exist before anything and anyone came into being.

God was the one, and from Him started the creation of everything else.

There is also no other number before one, except 0, but 0 stands for nothing.

So, it can be said that before 1, there is nothing that exists.

It is also the number that represents new beginnings.

For example, when we start any project, the basis is one idea, and it evolves into something grand.

Also, human beings are born from a single cell organism that eventually divides into many others to form us.

There is a lot of creative energy that comes out of the number 1.

Since it is independent in thought, it represents the creation of unique ideas, a quality that defines a leader.

This is why the number 1 has a lot of importance in society and politics.

Human beings function best when they have one ruler/leader, and throughout history, the power of 1 in leadership has played a great role in human progress as their unique and powerful ideas can shape the course of history.  

Numerology Meaning Of Number 1

As the first number in numerology, 1 represents the qualities of individualism, ambition, motivation, loyalty, courage, creativity, and independence.

It is the number of leadership, as it contains all of these qualities that make a great leader.

number 1 numerology
Photo by ar130405 on Pixabay

There are both positive and negative qualities of this number, just like any other number in numerology.

On the positive side, the number 1 likes to engage in healthy competition with others, and is very driven and motivated to achieve their goals.

Compared to other numbers, 1s are best able to control their energies and direct them towards worthy causes.

They have a lot of ambition and the willingness to start new things, and are not afraid to take risks in life.

Unfortunately, 1s can come off as too confident and self-centered.

They may not be respectful of other people’s ideas, as they may consider their own ideas to be better.

However, to be a good leader, 1s need to develop their own listening skills, and welcome ideas being given by others.

1s can then pick out the best ideas among the many given by others, through their own unique creative energy, and achieve greater success.

Although their quality of confidently voicing their opinions can be a good thing, it can come off as offensive to others.

This is mostly because 1s are very critical of their own self, so they view criticizing others as providing constructive criticism.

Of course, the positive or negative qualities of a number come are a result of a person’s upbringing, life experiences, and growth.

At the core, all 1s want to be recognized for their achievements and to be the best in anything they do.

If there is a goal that seems too complicated to many, you can count on 1s to take it on, and they will not rest until they have achieved it.

They are the type of person that will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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