The Meaning Of Number 6: Meaning In Numerology And The Bible

 April 15, 2020

By  Lisa

The number 6 has different meanings in the bible and in numerology.

While the Bible perceives it to be a number that represents imperfections and evils present in humans…

Both spiritual and numerological meanings define the number 6 as positive, a number that is compassionate, giving, caring, and loving. 

Meaning Of Number 6 In The Bible

bible meaning number 6

We find in the Bible that human beings were created by God on the 6th day during the week of creation.

They have also been told to work for a total of 6 days before resting on the seventh to reconnect with their Creator.

Due to its direct connection with the creation of human beings, this number has often been called the number representing human beings in the divine reality.

Additionally, the Bible has attached sinful, evil, and other human weaknesses with the number 6 as well.

According to Christain scholars, 6 is the number that is symbolic of evil desires and non-belief in God.

Many negative qualities that can be seen in human beings are connected with this number as well, including doubt and human weaknesses.

If Man imagines living a life without God and Christ, he will be living life based upon the energies of the number 6.

6 is also the number of imperfect government and administrative systems made by mankind.

There are 3 important components in our life: economy, religion, and government.

All of which are heavily influenced by Satanic energies.

When all of these systems are perfected as per Satanic energies and not according to the wisdom given to us by God, we get the number of total imperfection, or 666.

religious meaning of 6

Further examples of the meaning of this number in the Bible are as follows:

  1. The service of the Hebrew slave was required for 6 years before being released in the seventh year.
  2. The Beast of Revelation has also been given the number 6.
  3. The Sixth Commandment, as mentioned in the Ten Holy Commandments, also talks about the greatest sin of all: murder.
  4. Some negative words have been repeated a total of six times in the Bible, such as shame, destruction, and ungodliness. It is important to note that these words are all connected with the imperfections of human beings.
  5. The lion and the serpent have been given six names, each.
  6. Six years were served by Jephthah as a Judge of Israel, according to Judges 12:7.
  7. Six earthquakes have been mentioned in the Bible, such as in Exodus 19:18 and Acts 16:26.
  8. At six places, such as Mark 3:22 and Luke 11:15, we are told that Jesus was accused by the people of being possessed by a demon.
  9. The New Testament mentions people who were sorcerers a total of six times, calling it magic performed with the help of evil spirits.
  10. In the Bible, the number of times that Jesus has been asked by people to provide proof of his prophethood is six, such as John 6:30, Luke 11:16, Mathew 16:1, and John 2:18.

Spiritual Meaning Of Number 6

spiritual meaning of number 6

The spiritual meaning of the number 6 is that it is a tolerant, dependable, and sincere number.

It is ruled by the planet Venus and, hence, has all of the planet’s energies of balance, peacefulness, and love.

When people are under the influence of 6, they are likely to be more compassionate and forgiving towards other people.

There is a lot of importance given to number 6 in human life.

For example, our measurement of time is usually split into parts of 6, such as 60 seconds in a minute, or 60 minutes in an hour, or four parts of 6 in a day.

There are also two parts of 6 months in a year, whereby during one part the days become longer and the nights become shorter as time passes, while during the second part the exact opposite happens.

People call upon the energies of the number 6 when they have to deal with sensitive matters in life.

There is an energy of wisdom that comes from this number, as it creates a balance between our mental and spiritual sides to provide greater clarity for the path ahead of us.

Whenever a problem comes under the influence of 6, solutions start to appear without much struggle.

Numerology Meaning Of Number 6

numerology number 6

In numerology, the qualities of the number six are compassion, peacefulness, understanding, warmth, nurturing, sacrifice, tenderness, love, and kindness.

Compared to all other numbers in numerology, 6s have the greatest desire to live a balanced life.

There is a longing for service to others in 6s, and hence they are more likely to enjoy professions such as teaching or healing.

6 is also a very caring number.

Those who have the influence of the number 6 on their life tend to be responsible and well-aware of their surroundings.

You will find 6s to be more family or community-focused in their actions, as they always measure the impact of their actions on other people before doing them.

6s have all the ingredients needed to make excellent parents or caretakers, and they also get satisfaction from providing support and comfort to others.

However, all of these positive qualities also have the potential to backfire.

As they enjoy being praised for their good works, 6s may become self-righteous and think it’s their right to highlight flaws in others, even if the intention is to correct them.

Sometimes, 6s prevent others from learning important life lessons that come from making mistakes, as they are always there to offer advice and support.

There is no harm in offering help, but 6s need to learn that sometimes their help is not needed.

Otherwise, they can come off as interfering and too controlling.

On a personal level, 6s can become too giving ignore caring for themselves.

This can be potentially unhealthy in the long run as you should take care of yourself before you start caring for others.

A healthy six finds a balance between fulfilling their own needs and the needs of others. 

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